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A Proactive 4 Point lightning Protection Design Plan for Telecommunication Industry

Lightning happens! While it can be a spectacular phenomenon to witness, it can also cause damage to property, structures, and even be fatal to human life. Without a doubt, expenses from lightning damage can be substantial—especially for companies whose equipment is installed on tall structures.

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How LEC implements lightning protection design to communication towers in 6 Steps

Protection against direct strikes on structures such as telecommunication relay towers and other towers require the installations of an air terminal near the tip or on top of the tower and an installation of an efficient earthing connector to the ground.

How LEC implements lightning protection de…

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Data Center Lightning Protection Design Systems

Data Center - A boon in improved communication, data storage, and business efficiency. But, it has also introduced a new area of vulnerability. There are potentially expensive concerns to consider where it relates to lightning strikes. The equipment and infrastructure in such a facility, which inclu…

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