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Data Center Lightning Protection Design Systems

Data Center - A boon in improved communication, data storage, and business efficiency. But, it has also introduced a new area of vulnerability. There are potentially expensive concerns to consider where it relates to lightning strikes. The equipment and infrastructure in such a facility, which includes delicate and costly state-of-the-art hardware, internal circuitry and other system architecture, is susceptible to more than simply being taken off-line in the short term.

A good lightning protection design must consider these 6 interdependent protection points:

1. Capture the lightning strike. 

2. Convey the energy to ground. 

3. Dissipate the energy into the grounding system. 

4. Bond all ground points together to create a single point ground plane. 

5. Protect incoming AC feeders. 

6. Protect low-voltage data/telecommunication circuits.  

A tremendous amount of damage can be done if you do not consider all the areas that need protection; lightning strike protection, proper grounding with appropriate surge protection.

Lightning protection design by LEC

There is an assertion that it is nearly impossible to protect completely against lightning strikes is commonly taken as fact, but lightning strikes are currently being prevented in areas of concern at countless locations in more than 70 countries thanks to the solutions provided by Lightning Eliminators & Consultants.

Our 40-year-old technology has enjoyed a 99.87% success rate with eliminating direct strikes at the sites we protect. Rather than collecting lightning and directing it to the ground, as a traditional lightning rod does, our design and protection systems prevent the formation of lightning within a protected area.

In addition, our lightning protection design includes a surge protection system design:

Lightning can infiltrate your power infrastructure and sensitive electromechanical systems in many ways. Direct lightning strikes to your facility or assets pose an obvious hazard, but nearby strikes can be equally damaging, particularly if lightning signals are strongly coupled into power and other utilities that enter your facilities. The function of a surge protection device is to sense and limit the transient over voltages to levels which the connected equipment can withstand safely.

Nothing beats the expertise of an experienced professional to design and specify a protection system to ensure the safety of the building and everything in it, including personnel.  

Lightning Eliminators can provide the needed design and installation requirements in order to keep your facility safe from direct lightning strikes as well as stray transient voltages from both, above and below your facility.


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