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How LEC implements lightning protection design to communication towers in 6 Steps

Protection against direct strikes on structures such as telecommunication relay towers and other towers require the installations of an air terminal near the tip or on top of the tower and an installation of an efficient earthing connector to the ground.

How LEC implements lightning protection design to communication towers

To design an effective communication tower lightning protection system, LEC utilizes highly sensitive Smart Ground Testing audit system, advanced modelling software, patented products and years of experience.

A design study specific to DAS includes our lightning protection engineering team visiting the site. It provides a more detailed and scientific evaluation of your site’s lightning safety exposure and options for lightning protection. You will receive a formal report, a lightning strike probability analysis and a transient analysis, as well as risk assessment as per IEC and IEEE. Sometimes this report will include site specific drawings of recommended design.

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Site Survey

This can be conducted after a purchase is made or in advance and requires a lightning safety engineer. This stage determines a design solution tailored to your lightning protection requirements and includes all aspects of risk analysis to produce a detailed engineering drawings and system specifications.

Smart Ground Testing 

It’s an advanced lightning protection ground audit system that produces highly accurate results, even on energized systems. It analyses the in-situ grounding environment and compares actual measurements to an electro-geometric computer model of the system being tested. The results are highly-accurate measurements and practical recommendations to help you make informed decisions.


We offer supervisory support or full installation services, dependent on the project. Should your company opt to engage a subcontractor or do it yourself, LEC will train the crew while directing installation and certifying applicable warranties.

System Recertification

Yearly recertification is needed to maintain the terms of the no-strike warranty issued with every Dissipation Array System (DAS).

The Dissipation Array System (DAS) lightning protection products comes with a one (1) year Limited Warranty. The Limited Warranty can be extended for additional 12 month periods upon completion of an inspection and any required repairs.

Lightning Eliminators specializes in providing integrated lightning protection and prevention products, solutions and services by utilizing innovative patented charge transfer technology, grounding systems engineering, surge protection design, and providing comprehensive consulting services based on physics and state of the art engineering principles.


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