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Compelling Grounding Rod Facts

A functioning grounding system is an integral part of the electrical installations in all buildings. It forms an important basis for ensuring safety and functionality in buildings from direct and indirect lightning strikes.

To ensure proper protection and safe operation, these installations must …

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Chem Grounding Rod – The Earth Electrode Your Facility Requires!

The chance that your facility will be hit by lightning varies on a number of factors such as location, structure height, temperature, and humidity.

Lightning is nature’s attempt to equalize the voltage between storm clouds and the earth. In order for lightning to strike, it must connect to upward…

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Advantages Of A Chemical Grounding Rod

An efficient grounding system is critical to personnel safety and uninterrupted operations but conventional ground rods are typically insufficient for industrial uses where target resistance can be less than 1 ohm.

The Chem-Rod solves problems found with conventional ground rods by requiring le…

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Grounding Rod Lightning Protection – Tailored Solution by LEC

A grounding rod acts as the only electrical path to dissipate static discharge voltage, occurring due to switch load or natural circumstances, such as lightning, into the Earth. And when this path starts to break down, the static discharge has nowhere to go, putting the whole facility at risk.

A …

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Copper Bonded Grounding Rod For the Wind Energy Industry

Wind turbines provide us with renewable energy that relies on nature, rather than fossil fuels, to reap the benefits. Yet, due to the height of the structures and location, wind turbines can attract lightning that result in fires, downtime and damaged electronics.

In order to fully gain the rewar…

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