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Grounding Rod Lightning Protection – Tailored Solution by LEC

A grounding rod acts as the only electrical path to dissipate static discharge voltage, occurring due to switch load or natural circumstances, such as lightning, into the Earth. And when this path starts to break down, the static discharge has nowhere to go, putting the whole facility at risk.

A well-designed grounding or earthing system is essential for any electrical installation to avoid dangers associated with transient or overvoltage. Good earthing protects both equipment and people against the dangerous step and touch voltage. A good grounding rod:

  • Provides security to people by limiting the overvoltage
  • Protects the assets of a company by providing a low impedance path for the static electricity to pass
  • Minimizes the electromagnetic noise

Being a leader in the field of lightning protection systems, Lightning Eliminators and Consultant Inc. has spent many years developing and testing superior lightning protection products.

Such as our patented Chem-rod

  • Efficient – these rods reduce risk more efficiently than other grounding rods by providing the most efficient earth interface.
  • Consistent performance – they are highly resistant to corrosion, making them more dependable and giving them a longer service life
  • Economical – using Chem-Rods instead of traditional grounding rods lowers overall costs and improves protection. This is because one Chem-Rod can replace as many as 10 conventional grounding rods. Secondly, it has four times more surface area as compared to their traditional counterparts, helping Chem-rods to create the low-impedance connection required to safely channel high-frequency lightning currents to earth.
  • Low maintenance – it is designed for easy inspection and refill. They come with a standard removable cap and access cover for ease of maintenance of the ground salt charge.

No doubt grounding systems should be checked periodically, as per recommendations; our Chem grounding rod is readily accessible for inspection convenience. The readings - resistance of the system, conductive salt levels, variation in moisture, atmosphere and groundwater movement, are all recorded and stored for future reference.

LEC technologies have proven to be more than 99.87% effective in eliminating all strikes to the protected areas. Minimize one significant threat from your list of concerns by assessing lightning exposure and taking action.

Contact us to get a quote on grounding rod along with a full line of standard testing services and more, ensuring a solution tailored just for your needs.


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