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Why is the Lightning Protection Design so Critical

The lightning threat to mankind is well known (even without considering economic losses) because, in every second there are at least 8 lightning strikes around the world.

Lightning protection design systems help shield the workforce from danger, assist in the protection of equipment from damage and safeguard assets from downtime. A well designed lightning protection system lessens the hazards associated with these risks.

There are three types of lightning risks that should be considered while considering a lightning protection design, these are:

  • An indirect strike which can be potentially lethal as it can strike the person with in the area, while the current dissipates into the earth
  • A direct strike that runs through a metallic object, which a person comes into contact with directly
  • A flashover, which can cause nearby or natural, objects to spill over into the surrounding area.

Thus a lightning protection design should have two parts. The first is the external lightning protection system, which intercepts, conducts and dissipates the lightning flash to the earth. Second, the internal system that prevents flash over within the structure. 

However, a system designed in compliance with industry standards does not guarantee 100% immunity from damage. Lightning protection is an issue of statistical probabilities and risk management. Lightning protection systems designed in compliance with standards should statistically reduce the risk below a pre-determined threshold.

LEC offers that go beyond the industry standards and include the following patented lightning protection design products, such as:

Dissipation Array System

Spline Ball ionizer

Spline Ball Terminal

Facility Guard

Transient Limiters

Hybrid Surge Protectors for Data and Telecom Applications 

Coaxial Line Protector

The option to install a lightning protection design system is a critical decision for the purposes of life safety, protection of property, insurance costs, and installation expense.  Armed with the right tools and an understanding of national and international standards, an engineering company like LEC can provide a critical evaluation of the potential risks. This evaluation can help the asset owner make the right decision for maximum protection within budget.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc. will be pleased to advise you on the proper type of lightning protection, minimizing loss and damage of any kind.

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