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Lightning Protection Products

Lightning protection products have become a necessity.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that simply cannot be avoided, thus we need to protect ourselves against it. Lightning causes major problems for companies such as damaging buildings, plants, and critical equipment. This phenomenon alone accounts for millions of dollars annually in structural damage to buildings. But what is not accounted for is the loss to business due to downtime or when the businesses are forced to shut down for repair.

Modern lightning protection products provide means by which the cause of lightning is eliminated altogether.

At Lightning Eliminators Consultant Inc., we provide high quality, effective and patented lightning protection products. Our aim is to provide the highest standards of services without compromising on quality and price. At LEC, our wealth of knowledge in lightning protection, earthing, and surge protection gives us the ability to offer leading edge product development and unparalleled technical support.

This commitment to quality follows through all aspects of the company. Our dedicated workshop, using a combination of high tech machinery, skilled staff, and technical expertise; have the ability to engineer and modify product items to the specification of each facility.

Catering to the requirements of the ever changing technological world we offer lightning protection products like:

Dissipation Array System – a breakthrough technology in preventing lightning strike, DAS reduces the formation of electrical field between the cloud and earth. Thus it prevents a lightning strike altogether diminishing the loss of assets and downtime.

Spline Ball Ionizer – the lighter version of the DAS technology, SBI is ideally installed on structure requiring lightweight protection with low wind profile. But it offers the same effects as its counterpart.

Spline Ball Terminal – a superior alternative to the conventional lightning rods, engineered to function greatly and reduce the risk of a direct lightning strike.

Streamer Delaying Air Terminal – as the name suggest, the SDAT is designed to delay upward stream generation and reduce the risk of lightning damage.

Our lightning protection products have great resistance to corrosion, offer security of high standards by drastically nullifying the effects of lightning and comply with the industry standards.

We continuously look for ways to make improvements and development to our company and have built long lasting trust with every customer.  

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