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Industrial Strength Lightning Rod Protection

Lightning may be unpredictable but implementing a proactive solution can lessen the risks lightning pose to your industry.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize a combination of conventional lightning rods assisted by location specific lightning dissipators.

Lightning Rod Protection

Lightning rod protection has been around since Benjamin Franklin famously invented it in 1752. And a lot has changed since then.

For over 45 years, Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc., has been providing advanced Lightning protection systems worldwide. The all-new lightning rod protection system is an advanced air terminal which enhances conventional lightning rod protection.  It takes the view of avoiding a strike rather than collecting it.

Our system lowers the static field in the protected area long enough for the lightning strike to terminate outside the protected area. It works on charge transfer system (patented as the Dissipation Array System) which is a naturally occurring, scientific phenomena to prevent the build-up of ground charge to the value necessary to trigger a strike within the protected area.

Let’s compare the two

The standard lightning rod protection system works on the principle of placing rods on the highest point of a structure for the purpose of attracting lightning strike and harmlessly neutralizing it to the ground through a robust conduction system.

Lightning Rod Protection

Our patented Dissipation Array system does just the opposite.

It dissipates the charge that accumulates in the atmosphere near the structure and lowers the energy needed to create a strike, thereby avoiding the strike altogether.

The DAS system is becoming more popular in critical facilities where downtime will be too costly or it is within a physically explosive zone. While other areas can still use the lightning rod protection systems.

LEC has over 40 years’ experience and success in minimizing the effects of lightning.   In addition, we provide the only ‘no strike’ warranty in the industry on our DAS solutions, when installed, maintained and supervised by us.

Our team of highly trained engineers and solution specialist continuously consult with companies, conduct a lightning risk assessments and provide recommendation and strategies.

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