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Strike It Right With The Best Lightning Rod

Lightning rod carries the harmful electrically charged cloud away from any facility or structure, safely to the ground. It has the ability to handle enormous electrical current associated with a lightning strike.

Lightning Protection Design

This tried and tested method has been protecting buildings and its occupants since centuries. However, it was never built to protect modern structure but rather barns and wooden structures. Presently, this age old method lets thousands of amps to flow next to sensitive equipments.

The Strike

As a storm intensifies, it gets electronically charged; a lightning strike occurs when this cloud neutralizes itself with the ground. Any structure that sits between the cloud and ground gets charged and is damaged in the process. Thus a lightning rod is installed on the roof of buildings for protection.

A lightning strike carries more than 6 billion amps of current; so even if the lightning rod sends 99.9% of the current directly to the ground there is still 0.1% amps that flows through the building; which is a lot. This minimum amount of amps has the capacity to cause personal injury and destroy assets through fire, explosion, and electrical damage.

Given this destructive nature of lightning strike, LEC has patented a revolutionary technology that can prevent the electrical charge from forming in the first place.

Lightning rods are now built with DAS (Dissipated Array System) technology.  This technology has:

  • 99.7% reliability
  • Been cutting storm-induced voltage by 7000%
  • Reduced lighting risk significantly
  • The ability to prevent accidents from stray currents as well

It works on the principles of charge transfer and has proved to neutralize the electronically charged cloud thus preventing the strike from occurring.

Lightning Protection Products

These lightning rods or Chem rods are efficient in terms that one rod can easily replace 10 conventional rods. They are least resistant to changing temperatures and require very low maintenance along with being economical and reliable.

It is all because of this ability to prevent rather than redirect lightning, DAS technology built lightning rod is now the best solution to lightning strike problems, pioneered by Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. (LEC) based in Colorado.

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