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Non Conventional Lightning Rods for Protection

Every industrial plant is struck by lightning at least once in several years. Thus Lightning rods are just as important as they have ever been and the lightning protection system is in common use today.

There are different types of solutions available today to protect a facility from lightning but it is a common misconception that they are variations of the same technology.

Three main types of lightning protection systems used today: conventional system, charge transfer system and early streamer emission air terminal systems.

Conventional lightning rod – invented by Benjamin Franklin; these rods attract a strike and convey the energy to the ground without damaging the building or facility. They are mounted on top of the buildings and electrically bonded to the ground.

Although lightning rod is the most commonly known form of conventional lightning protection system there have been a great number of technological advances.

Early streamer emission – this technology is very similar to the conventional lightning rod: it moves towards streamer generation and attracts lightning. The lightning rod can be distinguished due to its geometrically complex shape, the presence of a small object near the top and a discharge trigger.

Charge transfer technology – it takes a completely opposite approach to lightning protection: it prevents a lightning strike within a specified area designated for protection. The lightning rod or air terminal, in this case, collect the induced charge from thunderstorm clouds within the protected area and transfers it through an ionizer into the surrounding air. This results in relieving the imbalance between the cloud and ground and the strike are prevented.

As opposed to conventional lightning rods and early streamer emission, CTS is a better technology for various industries such as oil and gas, storage tank farms, all types of energy producers, etc. These facilities have many flammable and other sensitive materials, where using conventional lightning rod carries the risk of ignition or damage to various equipments.

Lightning Eliminators & consultant Inc. has the best solutions for creating a protected zone against a lightning strike and it is through their Dissipation Array System – a specific type of CTS. This system was invented and patented by LEC.

Contact us to actively boost the resistance to lightning attacks on your property, buildings, plants and other facilities. 

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