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All You Need To Know About Lightning Rod

Lightning rods

Lightning Rod

All You Need To Know About Lightning And Lightning Rod

  • Today every building is equipped with many sensitive electronic system thus they need to be protected from any unforeseen damage such as a lightning strike. This is the reason more people are installing lightning rod than ever before. And as every structure is vulnerable to lightning damage, a lightning rod is installed on the roof of every building - schools, hospitals, health care facilities, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, manufacturing units, etc.
  • A lightning rod is erected on the roof of a building and it is connected to a conducting channel to take the huge discharge of electricity into the ground.
  • It is a very common misconception that a lightning rod attracts lightning. Let us understand it this way. The only aim of a lightning strike is to neutralize itself with the ground. And a lightning rod provides the most easy and adequate pathway thereby preventing the lightning strike from damaging any other asset within the area. So it does not attract lightning , but just provides the most convenient pathway.
  • Another very common misconception is that an electrician can take care of installing a lightning protection system. Only a professional company adhering to international standards and government norms should be hired for such installations. For Example, LEC has over 44 years of experience with many awards and patents under their belt.
  • When the lightning rod was first invented, it was believed that the rod could prevent a lightning strike. But it was not true then. Years later, LEC made this come true with its Charge transfer technology. This system prevents the clouds from forming an electronic field – a requirement for lightning to strike.

Lightning rod has been protecting places for 100 of years. This is a tried and tested method that has been used by most of the world’s tall buildings. Only the technology on which it is built has advanced as per the modern requirements.

Lightning eliminators and consultants have lightning protection systems based on state of the art engineering principles and physics. With patented products and over 44 years of experience, they have been protecting majority of global 1000 companies from disaster and loss. They also extend a full no strike warranty to every client.

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