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What To Look For In A Lightning Rod Protection Company?

If you want a lightning rod protection system installed on your building, it’s best to hire a company to do this for you. This ensures the job will be done properly and securely.

The lightning rod protection installation should be done by an industry professional who willing to explain what the…

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All You Need to Know About Lightning Protection

Lightning is an age-old problem with protection solutions dating back to 1755 when Dr. Benjamin Franklin experimented with lightning protection and discovered that a sharp point dissipates charge. This discovery led to the grounding rod which is still in use today.

Established in 1981, LEC is ded…

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Systems

What is a lightning protection system?

“There is no product or scientific method capable of modifying a natural phenomenon. Our lightning protection systems simply prevent a lightning to strike within the protected area.”

Our lightning protection systems are designed to protect a facil…

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