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Compelling Grounding Rod Facts

A functioning grounding system is an integral part of the electrical installations in all buildings. It forms an important basis for ensuring safety and functionality in buildings from direct and indirect lightning strikes.

To ensure proper protection and safe operation, these installations must …

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What To Look For In A Lightning Rod Protection Company?

If you want a lightning rod protection system installed on your building, it’s best to hire a company to do this for you. This ensures the job will be done properly and securely.

The lightning rod protection installation should be done by an industry professional who willing to explain what the…

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A Proactive 4 Point lightning Protection Design Plan for Telecommunication Industry

Lightning happens! While it can be a spectacular phenomenon to witness, it can also cause damage to property, structures, and even be fatal to human life. Without a doubt, expenses from lightning damage can be substantial—especially for companies whose equipment is installed on tall structures.

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Chem Grounding Rod – The Earth Electrode Your Facility Requires!

The chance that your facility will be hit by lightning varies on a number of factors such as location, structure height, temperature, and humidity.

Lightning is nature’s attempt to equalize the voltage between storm clouds and the earth. In order for lightning to strike, it must connect to upward…

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What is the Simplest Method to Prevent Lightning Damage?

How can you stop lightning damage? The fact is, you can’t actually stop lightning, but you can redirect it. This we have discussed in our other blogs. Today we are here to tell you the different type of damage, how to identify them and protect your facility, personnel and other assets.

A lightn…

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How LEC implements lightning protection design to communication towers in 6 Steps

Protection against direct strikes on structures such as telecommunication relay towers and other towers require the installations of an air terminal near the tip or on top of the tower and an installation of an efficient earthing connector to the ground.

How LEC implements lightning protection de…

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Lightning Protection Products using Charge Transfer Technology

Protecting a premise against direct lightning strikes by preventing lightning stroke is not exactly a new idea. It was Franklin’s original idea that he could dissipate the thundercloud electricity by installing the pointed iron rod, which would quietly conduct the electricity away.

In recent de…

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Advantages Of A Chemical Grounding Rod

An efficient grounding system is critical to personnel safety and uninterrupted operations but conventional ground rods are typically insufficient for industrial uses where target resistance can be less than 1 ohm.

The Chem-Rod solves problems found with conventional ground rods by requiring le…

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Grounding Rod Lightning Protection – Tailored Solution by LEC

A grounding rod acts as the only electrical path to dissipate static discharge voltage, occurring due to switch load or natural circumstances, such as lightning, into the Earth. And when this path starts to break down, the static discharge has nowhere to go, putting the whole facility at risk.

A …

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The Only Lightning Protection System With A No-Strike Warranty

The forces associated with lightning are enormous and unpredictable. Controlling and directing the energy of lightning to protect humans, buildings, and equipment is a concern.

For over two centuries, the lightning rod has served as the primary means of protecting assets from lightning after Benj…

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Which is the best lightning protection system for your facility?

The successful 200-year-old method of using a (Franklin) rod to collect, control, and convey to earth the awesome and destructive power of lightning has produced other alternative methods.

To properly select a lightning protection systems to protect buildings and structure from lightning damage, …

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Data Center Lightning Protection Design Systems

Data Center - A boon in improved communication, data storage, and business efficiency. But, it has also introduced a new area of vulnerability. There are potentially expensive concerns to consider where it relates to lightning strikes. The equipment and infrastructure in such a facility, which inclu…

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State-of-the-art Lightning Protection Products by LEC

In the last few years, the rate, frequency, and strength of lightning strike along with storms are increasing, making lightning protection products a necessity across the industry, all over the world.

At Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc., we are passionate about delivering the best qualit…

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Copper Bonded Grounding Rod For the Wind Energy Industry

Wind turbines provide us with renewable energy that relies on nature, rather than fossil fuels, to reap the benefits. Yet, due to the height of the structures and location, wind turbines can attract lightning that result in fires, downtime and damaged electronics.

In order to fully gain the rewar…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Perfect Grounding Rod

A grounding system’s job is to connect the electrical system of a facility to the ground underneath. It helps carry unexpected electrical charges safely to the ground without harming any other source. For example, grounding system limits the potentials of lightning to create havoc on the property, e…

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No. 1 Fuel Tank Lightning Protection Solution

Lightning strikes are far more common than many realise and with the changes in the global climate and changing weather patterns, they are well and truly on the increase. 

Petrochemical storage tanks at Oil & Gas Production and Disposal facilities are particularly susceptible to lightning strike…

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Commercial Lightning Protection for Railways

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can have a significant impact on railway facilities. Electricity is a major part of railway system operations and the multitude of parts and components it takes to build the railroads across the world are numerous.

A train is a metallic structure, equiva…

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Lightning Protection System – not an Artefact, but a Necessity

While lightning rods are often seen as an artefact, a lightning protection system is a necessity for every business.

Your business faces many risks if you have not installed a lightning protection system on your premises. If lightning strikes a business without a clear path to ground, the current…

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Prevent Lightning Damage to Your Power Plant and Keep Powering Society

From operating house hold appliances to connecting global business, electricity is pivotal to modern society. Large power plants have been built to supply energy and they are often required to operate round the clock to fulfil energy demands.

Power generation plants face many challenges to meet t…

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Making Data Centers More Reliable with Our Grounding Rod

Data centers need to achieve unprecedented level of uptime to keep pace with modern business demands. To achieve this goal, data centers need to pay increased attention to facility infrastructure issues, including grounding systems.

A grounding system is not just an insurance policy against light…

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