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Things You Should Know About Lightning Protection Design

Lightning strikes account for over a third of computer failures all over the world. With this number in mind, it makes sense to protect your assets from lightning strikes using state of the art lightning and surge protection devices.

This increases your facility’s protection from physical damage and reduces the possibilities of fire. Insurers now require the installation of lightning protection systems for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, historic landmarks, and public venues.

Lightning protection design

An effective earthing system is critical to the safety of every electrical installation. And a robust earthing and lightning protection design is the first step in any electrical system to ensure the safety of assets, properties, and human beings.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. lightning protection design involves:

Collection of data

  • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Earth resistance/impedance measurement
  • Touch, step and transfer potential measurement
  • Lightning protection design visual inspection (if already installed)
  • Electrical measurements
  • Impact on immediate surroundings
  • Building contents
  • Type of construction
  • Building occupancy

Risk assessment

  • Determining the level of lightning protection required
  • Earth potential risk assessment
  • Interference studies
  • Fire risk
  • Assessing the risk in accordance with international standards

Design study

  • Arriving at BOQ and specification
  • Type of protection
  • Detailed and scientific evaluation of the site’s exposure
  • Sizes and dimension of components
  • Location of air terminals and coverage area
  • Conductor routing and connections
  • Earthing provisions

Supplying, installing, testing and commissioning

  • Provide labor, materials, products, equipment, and services
  • Installation and testing are carried out in accordance with international standards and code of practice.
  • Onsite or off-site risk management training and financial risk mitigation
  • All our manufactured and patented products comply with international standards

The lightning protection design consultancy services we offer with the years of expertise can reduce the exposure and susceptibility of the installations to lightning conditions and implement suitable protection measures.

Lightning Eliminators and Consultant inc., has been at the forefront of lightning protection design for many years and has contributed significant research on this natural phenomenon.

We thrive on excellence and being our best, we are always ready to assist anyone who needs help with a high quality, cost-effective solution for lightning and surge protection system and design.

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