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Protecting Your Industrial Assets - Lightning Protection System

A lightning protection system provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a potentially catastrophic problem has been dealt with proactively.

A lightning protection system is designed to protect a structure from damage by intercepting these strikes and safely passing their extremely high voltage to ground.

Lightning Protection Systems

Today, nearly every industrial site has sensitive computer-based components. These components are connected with power lines and data transfer lines for them to work effectively and perform their duties. Often times these components are isolated from each other but still connected by copper power cables and housed within the same structure. If a lightning strike were to affect any component in the chain, it will open an entire system of interconnected components to catastrophic failure.

Our defensive is called a lightning protection system.  A combination of systems that when installed in and around these facilities, attempt to either dissipate the strike to another area or, where it can’t be controlled, draws the strike to itself and safety grounds it and prevents the incidents of transient electrical flow that follows the strike.

These systems include a network of air terminals (DAS working on the principle of Charge Transfer technology), bonding conductors, ground electrodes, surge protection devices designed to protect the facility from the potential strike.

Lightning Protection Systems

Why do we need Lightning protection system?

  • Large surface areas and metal structures are more susceptible to being struck by lightning
  • Any damage to an equipment or machines will result in serious production problems and loss of services
  • Highly inflammable materials are more prone to a fire caused by an indirect lightning strike
  • It's an essential pre-requisite for insurance companies to cover the cost of an incident and reduce the cost of the policy.

What are the services offered by LEC?

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. specializes in providing integrated lightning protection system - prevention products, solutions, and services, utilizing the innovative charge transfer technology, grounding system engineering, surge protection design and consultancy services. Additionally, we are the only ones in the industry to provide a ‘no strike’ warranty on our DAS solutions, when installed, maintained and supervised by us.

Our lightning protection system protects every industrial asset from damage caused by a lightning strike and static discharge. With our experienced engineering team, your plans to incorporate lightning protection system within your facility will comply with national and international standards.


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