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All You Need to Know About Lightning Protection

Lightning is an age-old problem with protection solutions dating back to 1755 when Dr. Benjamin Franklin experimented with lightning protection and discovered that a sharp point dissipates charge. This discovery led to the grounding rod which is still in use today.

Established in 1981, LEC is dedicated to providing a complete lightning protection solution for all types of industrial structures. We are an engineering company focused exclusively on industrial lightning protection for the buildings, communications equipment, instrumentation, and occupants by preventing a lightning strike within the protected area.

LEC focuses on creating new technologies, combining patented lightning protection innovations with high-quality engineering services that provide the best solution for our clients.

Our years of research and development has resulted in state-of-the-art products like:

  • Dissipation Array System
  • Spline Ball Ionizer
  • Spline Ball terminal
  • Streamer Delaying Air Terminal
  • Retractable Grounding assembly
  • In-tank Potential Equalizer
  • Facility Guard
  • Transient Limiters
  • DC Surge Protector
  • Chem Rods
  • Smart ground testing service

The LEC patents are remarkable breakthroughs that provide lightning protection for commercial or industrial facilities for industries such as petrochemical, information technology, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, water treatment and many others.

Over the years we have developed vast experience and expertise in consulting, design and installation in accordance with national and international standards.

Our capabilities

Worldwide supplier of Lightning Protection products, solution, and services that are:

  • Fit for the purpose
  • Compliant with local and international standards
  • Competitively priced
  • Customized as per customer’s needs
  • Our patents, test reports, quality certificates and references have made us an industry leader.

Our exceptional team comprises of industries leaders that strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Our design and engineering team can produce a complete lightning protection and grounding layout for any type of structure.

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