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The Only Lightning Protection System With A No-Strike Warranty

The forces associated with lightning are enormous and unpredictable. Controlling and directing the energy of lightning to protect humans, buildings, and equipment is a concern.

For over two centuries, the lightning rod has served as the primary means of protecting assets from lightning after Benjamin Franklin invented it as a solution to preventing house fires in the 18th century. Lightning became more of a threat as the heights of buildings rose. However, attracting lightning is not something that owners of multi-billion dollar oil and gas facilities want. Instead, LEC uses charge transfer technology to prevent direct strikes by lightning to protect energy assets, whose electronic components can be knocked out by lightning in the blink of an eye.

Protection against lightning involves three parts – direct lightning protection, surge protection and grounding.

Direct Lightning protection

LEC’s Dissipation Array System (DAS), based on Charge transfer technology – is intended to prevent a direct lightning strike from occurring within a protected zone or area.

The charges transferred to the air can act in one of two modes – collection, which establishes a preferred conductive path for the lightning leader, and prevention mode, which reduces the electric field intensity to the level that delays the formation of an upward streamer from the protected area.

LEC prides itself on being able to provide consulting, design and implementation services for lightning protection. Our technology has been used to protect assets in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, as well as across multiple industries – petrochemical, power generation, biochemical, chemical manufacturing, information technologies, nuclear energy, mining, utilities, and manufacturing.

The company offers custom solutions, based on a clients' need and risk tolerance, as lightning protection involves more than a cookie cutter approach. Maximum ionization is achieved through point spacing, length and the number and geometry of points.

Additionally the confidence in our product prompted us to extend a full no-strike warranty to each and every client who buys a system and recertifies it each year!

Welcome to Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. A place that helps you protect your assets by eliminating lightning!

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