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Lightning Protection for Floating Roof Tank

Lightning is the leading known cause of fires in tanks. With the frequency of violent weather on the rise, lightning strikes are expected to increase by 15% during each summer season.

The cost can be catastrophic; and can include loss of product, equipment and production, to loss of life, business and goodwill; to lawsuits and increased regulatory scrutiny.

Floating roof tanks are especially vulnerable to the direct and indirect effects of lightning. A direct or a nearby lightning strike will cause electrical currents to flow across the tank shell and roof. The most likely strike location on an FRT is the top of the rim or the gauge pole.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc’s experienced engineering team works collaboratively with your operations and engineering group to co-develop a standardized approach to protect your assets from the dangers of ignitions caused by lightning strikes and static discharge.

Our plan comprises of:

  • The structural lightning protection system
  • A lightning surge protection system
  • Trunkey installation
  • Annual inspection & preventative maintenance

Our lightning protection system will include our award-winning lightning protection Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA) which reduces the risk of lightning damage and fire by creating a low-impedance bond between the roof and shell

It may also include an appropriately placed Dissipation Array System working on Charge Transfer technology. This terminal is connected with an appropriately sized lightning conductor network; it also bonds all the isolated metallic structures together. The lightning conductor further terminates into a low resistance low impedance grounding system.

Included in the plan is a coordinated SPD plan comprised of a layered defense of the best lightning surge protection approach in eliminating the destructive effects of lightning-induced transients.

Our installation team is highly trained to install the recommended system correctly, quickly and safely every time. Each person on the team is certified for safe practice, and is equipped with appropriate tools that are safe to operate in areas where the work is executed.

Finally, our group of inspectors independent of our installation team walks through the site and evaluate if the key points of ignition are appropriately protected. Photo documentation is also made available for review. The final report facilitates prompt corrective actions where necessary and eases maintenance of compliance records.

Our entire lightning protection system comes with a ‘no strike’ warranty if installed and maintained by us.

When lightning season peaks, proper lightning protection is imperative.

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