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Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Systems

What is a lightning protection system?

“There is no product or scientific method capable of modifying a natural phenomenon. Our lightning protection systems simply prevent a lightning to strike within the protected area.”

Our lightning protection systems are designed to protect a facility and its contents from damage that will be caused if the intensely high voltage of currents from a lightning strike passes through it. Our system attempts to equalize the voltage between the clouds and earth within the area of protection thus preventing the lightning to strike.

We understand that lightning can be unpredictable and our lightning protection system takes this into consideration. It’s so designed that if lightning does strike a structure, the high voltage currents will be first drawn into the lightning protection system and safely grounded before these currents cause any serious damage or harm.

What are the components of a lightning protection system?

Typical lightning protection systems from Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. include:

  • Dissipation Array System (DAS) working on the charge transfer technology. It’s available in a range of configuration for almost every structure. This is the key component of our system and is installed as close and practical to roof edges.
  • Chemically Charged Electrodes (CHEM-ROD) provides a low-impedance ground. The reliable performance of the entire lightning protection system depends on effective low-impedance grounding system. With Chem-rods a greater number of ions are transferred, allowing DAS technology to interrupt the formation of upward streamer, thereby preventing direct strikes.
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppressions (TVSS) protects the electronic systems within a building from transient overvoltage damage, by blocking or redirecting surge currents to the ground instead of letting them pass through the equipment.

Who needs a lightning protection system?

As business and industries are demanding more sophisticated electrical systems and infrastructure, a lightning protection system has become very imperative. Imagine the destruction a lightning strike can cause an unprotected facility! The damage will be beyond repair and unrecoverable losses. Even an indirect lightning strike can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

We advocate a complete, comprehensive set of lightning protection systems to ensure complete protection of your employees, your facility and the various components therein.


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