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The Only Lightning Protection System With A No-Strike Warranty

The forces associated with lightning are enormous and unpredictable. Controlling and directing the energy of lightning to protect humans, buildings, and equipment is a concern.

For over two centuries, the lightning rod has served as the primary means of protecting assets from lightning after Benj…

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Lightning Protection for Floating Roof Tank

Lightning is the leading known cause of fires in tanks. With the frequency of violent weather on the rise, lightning strikes are expected to increase by 15% during each summer season.

The cost can be catastrophic; and can include loss of product, equipment and production, to loss of life, busines…

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Systems

What is a lightning protection system?

“There is no product or scientific method capable of modifying a natural phenomenon. Our lightning protection systems simply prevent a lightning to strike within the protected area.”

Our lightning protection systems are designed to protect a facil…

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All You Need To Know About Lightning And Lightning Rod

Today, every building is equipped with many sensitive electronic system thus they need to be protected from any unforeseen damage such as a lightning strike. This is the reason more people are installing lightning rod than ever before. And as every structure is vulnerable to lightning damage, a ligh…

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Strike It Right With The Best Lightning Rod

Lightning rod carries the harmful electrically charged cloud away from any facility or structure, safely to the ground. It has the ability to handle enormous electrical current associated with a lightning strike.

Lightning Protection Design

This tried and tested method has been protecting buildings and its occupants sin…

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Designing A State-of-the-Art Lightning Protection System

Lightning is a dangerous natural phenomenon. There are about 5,000 thunderstorms caused by lightning at any one time around the world. Lightning poses a hazardous threat to people, property, structures and equipment. Researchers suggest in the U.S. alone the damages due to lightning are worth close …

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