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Why install a Lightning Protection System - 5 Critical Risk Factors

Lightning can cause severe damage and destruction to the buildings that it strikes, leaving owners to pay massive amounts in repairs and damages. However, by getting a lightning protection system you can rest easy knowing that no lightning strike will increase your business risk.

Lightning Eliminators offers superior lightning protection systems to suit all types of commercial and industrial buildings.

5 critical factors to judge the risk of not installing a lightning protection system today

Personnel risk

Locations where personnel risk are high include mine sites, factories, schools, churches, sporting facilities, and hospitals. Here employers should recognize lightning as an occupational hazard and take lightning protection seriously.

Equipment and structural damage

Direct strikes cause serious damage to infrastructure, communications, air-conditioning and other exterior structures. Indirect damage can cause serious damage to electronics, equipment and data. In short, Lightning can cause severe electrical-related damage by fire, surge and shock wave damage.

Consequential problems of such failures

For a business such damage can be devastating; from costly repairs to downtime, loss of information and data, ability to service the client, production down time and the brands reputation to market.

And if it’s a public service business such as railroads, hospitals, airports, and public utilities, then they must look beyond their own initiatives to consider the public that would be affected by interruptions.

Fire is another major concern with lightning strikes. Even a side flash can be a cocktail for disaster in industries using highly flammable or explosive materials.

Revenue loss

Lightning protection systems can prevent detrimental, avoidable downtime and costly repairs. The investment associated with protecting an asset from lightning strike is a fraction as compared to the revenue loss incurred by not being prepared. Mining and manufacturing industries must consider LPS on priority.

Corona Phenomenon

This can create an audible noise that can interfere with communications and cause damage to conductors, transformers and other vital electronics.

Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful natural phenomena. A lightning strike to a structure can result in serious destructive damage, fires, explosions and risk of electric shock, which presents a significant risk to life, operations and electronic systems.

Lightning Eliminators provides coverage for all services relating to lightning protection, priding ourselves on a professional and prompt service to our clients.

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