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The Lightning Protection System Of Your Choice

Lightning is caused by the build-up of static electricity within a thundercloud. Negative charge accumulates at the bottom of the cloud and induces a positive charge on the surface of the earth. When the potential between the cloud and ground reaches about a billion volts, a downward leader begins to move from the cloud towards the earth.

As the downward leader connects with an upward streamer on the earth, then the visible lightning strike is formed and massive current flow between the cloud and earth.

Across industries, the power of lightning strikes to injure personnel, destroy assets and disrupt processes through fire, explosion or electrical damage is clear. Even if a facility is not directly struck by lightning, secondary effects such as electromagnetic pulse can fry sensitive circuitry in the vicinity.

One technology that has proven to be the perfect lightning prevention solution is Dissipation Array System. This Lightning protection system works on Charge Transfer technology.

DAS is based on a natural phenomenon known to a scientist for centuries as the ‘point discharge’ principle, where a sharp point in a strong electrostatic field will leak off electrons by ionizing adjacent air molecules, providing the points potentials is raised 10,000 volts above that of its surroundings. It employs the point discharge principles by providing thousands of point with specific point separation that stimulates produce ion over a larger area, thus preventing the formation of streamers, the precursor of a lightning strike.

The Dissipation Array System is a key component for lightning protection system, working with grounding and surge suppression to achieve complete protection. A typical system includes:

  • A Dissipation Array available in a range of configurations for almost any structure
  • A low-impedance grounding system using chemically charged electrodes
  • Surge protection devices to protect against electric transients.

Step Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. takes for total protection

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • Expansion

Highlights of our patented Lightning protection system

  • Strike prevention
  • Controlled lightning termination
  • Maintenance free system
  • Engineered solution
  • Custom design
  • All-time protection
  • Ensured reliability of electronic equipment
  • Maximum return on investment

Each lightning protection system is tailored to specific needs revealed in site surveys.

With over 70,000 systems per year of actual in-field operations and proven success in minimizing the effects of lightning, LEC is the smart choice for Lightning protection system in your facility.

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