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The Effectiveness of a Proper Lightning Protection Design

It's important that your property, contents and personnel are protected from the dangers of lightning at all times. Whether you are building new premises for your company or your existing building needs a lightning protection upgrade, we are the experts who can design, install and maintain a comprehensive lightning protection system.

A lightning protection system designed by Lightning Eliminators will protect a structure from damage by reducing the cause of a lightning strike within the protected area and/or safely passing the extremely high voltage currents to ground. Our systems include a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes.

We bring years of real-world experience and a scientific engineering process to lightning protection design system. With over 10,000 lightning protection designs completed, our team provides unmatched expertise in all aspects of lightning protection for your site and facility.

What comes as a standard?

  • Project management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Surveys
  • Protection System Design
  • Installation, testing and maintenance

Our lightning protection design is effective because:

  • We customize the type of protection required for each site or facility
  • The level of protection is based on in-depth risk assessment
  • Our products are technically qualified as per latest and relevant national and international standards; and patented as well
  • Location of the air terminal, sizes and dimensions of the components, conductor routing and all the connection are done as per survey
  • We even utilize natural components as down conductors, if applicable

Each year thousands of properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. Lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to building in the United States. What is not reported is the loss of business, the downtime and liability that occurs when businesses are forced to shut down to repair lightning damage.

Lightning Eliminators will design a world-class lightning protection system for your property with everything you need included. We provide all materials, engineers and equipment as well as complete project management for the design, installation and maintenance of your lightning protection system. Protection against direct lightning strike and surge is not an easy one. A proper lightning protection design depends on a number of contributing factors. We will be pleased to advise you on the proper type of lightning protection, minimizing loss and damage of any kind.

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