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Safe and Reliable Lightning Protection Systems

Traditional lightning protection systems (LPS) transfer the lightning current safely to the ground. These systems include air terminations, down conductors and earth termination systems and they are also known as a lightning protection grounding systems.  They are intended to provide a low resistance path to dissipate high current into the soil.

In addition to traditional LPS systems Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. (LEC) provides more advanced lightning protection systems called Dissipation Array Systems (DAS) based upon our patented charge transfer technology.  This solution is based upon the concept ‘to avoid the strike and not collect it’.

Our charge transfer system (patented as the Dissipation Array system) uses a naturally occurring scientific phenomenon called point discharge to retard the collection of lightning within the finite protection zone.

The lightning protection system designed by us lowers the static field in the protected area long enough for the lightning strike to terminate outside the protected area.

The devices work by dissipating the electric charge that builds up on objects on the ground when downward leaders begin to form. Because lightning occurs when upward streamers seek out the downward leader; the stainless steel brushes on the lightning protection rod disrupt the increased electromagnetic field conditions through an ionization process, mitigating or delaying the formation of upward streamers and thus eliminating the occurrence of lightning within the protected zone.

Developing innovative lightning protection systems and solutions for more than 4 decades, LEC engineering team has been regularly consulted for the protection of very sensitive sites: dangerous, explosive or flammable products, their storage, large stadiums and arenas, high rise buildings, complex industrial sites, etc.

The list of clients that choose LEC's DAS is extensive. A portion of that list includes global clients such as: Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, Chevron, United Energex, Valero Refining, BASF, FedEx, UPS, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Florida Power & Light, Southern Carolina Electric & Gas, Duke Energy, Entergy, Fidelity National Information Services, Turner Broadcasting, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser Company, US Navy, and the Israel Defense Forces. These customers are repeat customers often with multiple facilities in different geographic locations across the world all protected by LEC's DAS.

Contact us if you want safe and reliable lightning protection systems and solutions to protect both the structure and personnel.


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