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Protect Your Facility With LEC Lightning Protection Solutions

Lightning is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that can discharge up to 200,000 amps in a fraction of seconds. In fact, cloud to ground strikes is the most dangerous form of lightning for property and human life. A direct lightning strike can have devastating effects on people, assets and our natural environment especially during stormy seasons; we witness injury or death of thousands of people.

Lightning Protection

Beyond this obvious impact of lightning, voltage spikes that accompany indirect strikes are catastrophic to a building’s electronics systems. This static can cause a charge to run down the wires and cables, damaging equipment in your facility.

With the advent of sensitive electronic equipment into our everyday life, the importance of proper lightning protection has become extremely critical. In order to fully protect a facility, businesses must use lightning protection and earthing equipment that are manufactured, designed and tested according to international standards.

Lightning Eliminator’s & Consultant Inc’s expertise is to provide lightning protection productions, solutions, and technical support to meet national and international standards.

The lightning protection system offered by LEC provide means by which the surge either leaves or enters the Earth without passing through and damaging any parts of a facility. Our systems actually prevent lightning from striking protected areas thereby preventing damage within the area of protection.

We manufacture and install lightning and surge protection system using the most up-to-date and safest techniques with the latest, fully compliant fixing, always accounting for the aesthetics of the building on all our projects, ensuring that your system is the best it can be.

Lightning Protection

LEC will ensure that all risks to your property are identified and mitigated. We fully inspect your site and premises, issue complete risk analysis, design and quotation, including full risk assessment. Following installation, we periodically test and maintain the system to ensure compliance with the relevant standards is maintained.

Specialist knowledge is required in order to carry out the professional testing of a lightning protection system. for this reason, this test must be carried out by a lightning protection expert, like LEC.

We provide world class solutions with world-class products for lightning protection. We specialize in the lightning protection system, surge protection system, maintenance free earthing solutions and more.

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