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Prevent Lightning Damage to Your Power Plant and Keep Powering Society

From operating house hold appliances to connecting global business, electricity is pivotal to modern society. Large power plants have been built to supply energy and they are often required to operate round the clock to fulfil energy demands.

Power generation plants face many challenges to meet the power demands of a growing and urbanising population. The challenges posed by lightning have proven to be especially trying. This unplanned event can damage facilities and equipment, disrupt work and even cause injury or death. A prolonged service outage from lightning strike can cost the plant thousands of dollars from lost revenue and the cost of repairs.

Safeguard your power plant assets from lightning damage just like Brown Ferry’s nuclear plant – due to frequent and intense storms, the challenges posed by lightning strikes to their off-gas stack were hampering reliability of service. Lightning damage had become a routine.

Take another example of the Auburndale Power Partners 150 MW cogeneration plant. With up to six lightning related outages per year, the plant’s sensitive control equipments invariably suffered lightning damage and cost the plant up to $25,000 from lost revenue.

Both power plants decided to install the LEC Dissipation Array System – our innovative, patented and lightning protection system. Unlike lightning rods, which attract lightning, the DAS system is designed to prevent lightning related damage.

After implementing the lightning prevention system, reduced lightning strikes have saved the plants thousands of dollars and the cost savings experienced in the first year of operations have paid for the systems.

Due to the ever changing climate and rising temperature lightning strikes are becoming more and more frequent. The risk is nearly universal: lightning does not discriminate, nor can it be accurately predicted to a great degree of certainty.

The best way to minimize lightning damage and its impact is to be prepared. A growing number of power generating utilities have successfully reduced cost and lowered liability by choosing an engineered lightning protection system to avoid lightning damage. LEC’s charge transfer device, the Dissipation Array System is custom engineered to interface with almost any structure.

Prevent lightning damage from negatively impacting your power generation capabilities with help from Lightning Eliminators. We have you covered.

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