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Number 1 Reason Why Yearly Maintenance of Lightning Protection Design System is Important

It’s important to ensure that your facility’s lightning protection design system is in good condition and in proper working order. This means having regular maintenance and repair to help determine and identify potential problems. If these systems aren’t working as they should, they could cause hazards to health and safety for all occupants within the facility. A regular lightning protection, inspection and maintenance can help determine and identify potential threats or problems – deviations from the reference standards or anomalies in the installation caused by environmental conditions such as corrosion, incorrect handling such as sectioning or robberies, or other circumstances such as expansions of the building where the LPS is located.

Investing in a regular maintenance program can help maintain compliance with regulations, prevent untimely plant shutdowns, and help save money by addressing issues before they turn into expensive unplanned repairs.

Our services:

  • LEC’s fleet of inspection and testing engineers are fully competent in undertaking the detailed inspection and testing of all lightning protection design systems. We recommend yearly inspections, to take account of seasonal variations, ensuring that the entire system is effective at all times.
  • We also provide certificates of inspection detailing our findings, plus details of any repairs required to return systems to a serviceable condition.
  • All our repairs and maintenance works are carried out by our own expert engineers working to agreed methods and time scales; ensuring remedial work does not affect your staff or on-site operations
  • Upon completion of repairs and maintenance, your installation is fully re-tested. Certificates are then issued, detailing the test results and confirming the system's compliance to relevant standards.

Scope of inspection:

  • Visual Inspection of all materials used to conduct current
  • Inspection of lightning rod to ensure none are bent, cracked, broken or otherwise damaged.
  • Refastening and tightening of components and conductors where required.
  • Check for loose, damaged or cut cable connections
  • Continuity tests and measurement of system resistance and grounding electrodes

A special note:

LEC provides the only ‘No Strike’ Warranty in the industry on our DAS solutions. When installed, maintained and supervised by LEC, our DAS prevents direct strikes with a 99% success rate, minimizing the risks to facilities and operations. The benefits can be substantial, resulting in a healthier bottom line and increasing reliability and safety. However like every other lightning protection design product this too requires yearly maintenance.



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