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Lightning Safety Tips To Avoid The Risks Associated With Lightning Strikes

Summer brings thunderstorms, and with them the chance of lightning strikes.

So what do you do when you hear the thunder?

Continue with your work till the thunder and lightning get closer? Sit on a bench under a tree to see what happens? Or get in your car and drive to safety?

The correct answer is: Stop work immediately when you hear the first thunder and if no substantial, no-concrete shelter is nearby, get in your car and wait out the storm.

Being outside when lightning is present is not something to take lightly – ever.

Workers are most at risk working out in the open, on the sea, sheltering under trees or other structures, are near conductive or explosive materials or on or near tall objects.

Before we tell you the lightning safety tips, let us understand the risks associated with working outdoors in lightning.

  • The ground absorbing electrical currents
  • Trees, vehicles, and building catching fire
  • Blindness if you are hit by lightning, or stare too closely at the flashes
  • Ruptured eardrums
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Death, if directly hit by lightning

Workplaces need to have safe procedures and systems of work in place to minimize the risk of injury or harm to employees from hazards associated with an electrical storm.

Safety tips

  • Be prepared to stop working or take it to safer levels
  • Stay away from conductive materials
  • Use appropriate safety equipment and work wear
  • Stay warm and dry
  • Have an emergency plan in place

Guidelines for the emergency plan:

  • A chain of command
  • A means of monitoring weather conditions
  • A list of designated safe sites to take shelter
  • Criteria for suspension and resumption of work
  • The use of recommended safety strategies

All workers should be trained on these procedures so they know how to properly respond to an approaching thunderstorm.

Even when inside a safe shelter, be cautious and follow lightning safety tips

  • Keep away from plumbing and bathroom fixtures
  • Avoid using electrical equipment and corded telephones

Lightning is one of the most dangerous weather conditions you need to watch out for not only in spring but at any time of the year.

Lightning Eliminator’s clear, singular vision is to provide comprehensive lightning safety tips and solutions, fulfilling and exceeding client’s expectations.

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