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Lightning protection system that can best save investments

Thunderstorms can be quite fascinating and likely to be watched. The rapid flashes and the growling sound is a thrilling experience for many. However, there is no bigger menace to our everyday life than lightning. It has proved to be one of the most disastrous and fatal occurrences.

Lightning is the process of discharging electrical charge in the clouds. The energy released produces a series of light, heat and a very strong sound; with enough capacity to damage buildings, kill humans, blow up trees and impair electrical equipment.

A single bolt of lightning can generate up to 200,000 amps of electrical energy, making a threat of fire from a direct strike or indirect surge a serious concern for any industrial facility. Thus it is critical that any outdoor structure, whether temporary or permanent, have a lightning protection system installed.

Benefits it offers to business:

  • Saves investments: it's much cheaper to invest in a lightning protection system as compared to what you have to pay for repair and replacement of assets.
  • Prevents electrical and electronic damage: apart from the obvious direct damages of lightning, secondary damages from surge and transient voltage is also real and destructive. LPS solutions from LEC provide both structures as well as transient protection.
  • Safeguards life of personnel: an LPS is a preventive system that provides efficiency in protecting company personnel also.

Every industry requires a lightning protection system because:

  • Buildings are susceptible to lightning strikes  
  • Equipment and machines damaged by lightning or its effects can result in serious production problems and loss of service
  • Businesses that use and store highly flammable materials are at a greater risk
  • Protection of workers is very important
  • Having a lightning protection system is an essential condition for insurance companies to cover the cost of incidents or reduce the cost of policies.


LEC has designed a lightning protection system called the Dissipation Array System or DAS, which works on the principle of charge transfer technology. This system eliminates the huge lightning energy away from the protected area and at the same time uses its other patented devices to draw away, without damage, any energy which might have entered the protected area.

Lightning Eliminators has over forty years of experience in protecting varied industries from lightning. We continue to invest in continuous research and professional solutions allowing for a considerable reduction in lightning damage.


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