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Lightning Protection System – Protecting Industries Since 1971

The cost of replacing equipment and electronics or dealing with fire after a sudden severe lightning strike is enough inspiration to acquire a lightning protection system.

Lightning Protection Design

Lightning can strike a structure in many ways:

  • Direct strikes
  • Side flash
  • Ground current
  • Conduction
  • Streamers

A very simple and easy way to soften the blow from a lightning strike to your facility is to install an LEC manufactured and designed lightning protection system. Our LPS solutions reduce the electrical voltage between a storm cell and the facility by transferring charge to nearby ionizing air molecule. This controlled charge leakage greatly reduces the chances of a lightning strike within the area of protection. But even if the accumulation rate exceeds the dissipation rate, the device will divert the strike towards a safer path to ground, one already defined by the original grounding system.

Features of DAS Lightning protection system

  1. Reduces operational cost – protect against lightning damage, and fire
  2. Reliable – our “no strike” warranty ensures complete protection on all LEC supervised installation (subject to terms and conditions)
  3. Universally accepted – our lightning protection system integrates with any building, tower, or tank
  4. Proven technology – the patented charge transfer technology in DAS has been in use since 1971, protecting thousands of sites worldwide

Lightning Protection Design


A typical system includes:

  1. A range of configurations for almost any structure
  2. A low-impedance grounding system using chemically charged electrodes
  3. To protect against transients traveling through data lines, the LPS includes Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
  4. Modular Strike prevention device to supplement the area of protection as needed.

The chance that your facility will be hit by a lightning strike varies in a number of factors such as location, your facility's design and structure, and temperature and humidity of the surrounding area. Lightning strikes can have devastating effects on any operations whether taking a direct strike or being subjected to the secondary effects from nearby strikes.

DAS (Dissipation Array System) prevents direct strikes, minimizes the risk to your operations, substantially benefitting to a healthier bottom line.

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