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Lightning Protection System – not an Artefact, but a Necessity

While lightning rods are often seen as an artefact, a lightning protection system is a necessity for every business.

Your business faces many risks if you have not installed a lightning protection system on your premises. If lightning strikes a business without a clear path to ground, the current can cause serious damage both to the building structure and its electrical components. It can even start a fire.

Specifically a lightning strike can:

  1. Start a fire outbreak – as lightning heats up the air around it, the furniture and cabinets can easily ignite. Also lightning can cause an electrical malfunction which can trigger an electrical fire
  2. Fry electrical wiring – an electricity overload can heat up conductors and damage insulations. While some electricity may be forced to flow through unintended paths causing further damage.
  3. Damage electrical and electronic assets – just like electrical wiring, the electricity may overload plugged electrical and electronic assets damaging them too
  4. Injure your employees – your employees can be seriously injured if you don’t have lightning protection system installed on your premises. They can get trampled in a stampede after a lightning strike, get injured by malfunctioning appliances, or suffer burns by lightning induced fires.
  5. Trigger liability claims – a lightning strike can trigger liability claims by a client who did not receive your service because your business suffered from a lightning strike, or a lightning strike injured your client who was on the premise at that time
  6. Uncomfortable working environment – a lightning strike can knock off the premise cooling or heating system and even damage the plumbing system, thus making the working environment very uncomfortable

The good news is that you don’t have to expose your business to these risks. With Lightning Eliminator’s lightning protection system in place you need not worry about lightning strikes.

We offer complete, integrated lightning protection solutions to every industry through our patented Dissipation Array System.

This system can prevent or eliminate a lightning strike. As a storm approaches, a high voltage electric field is built up. Our system slowly dissipates this energy by ionising the air molecules above it thus the voltage needed for lightning is never attained.

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