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Lightning Protection Products using Charge Transfer Technology

Protecting a premise against direct lightning strikes by preventing lightning stroke is not exactly a new idea. It was Franklin’s original idea that he could dissipate the thundercloud electricity by installing the pointed iron rod, which would quietly conduct the electricity away.

In recent decades, due to the explosive progress in computers/electronics technology, the secondary effect of the lightning stroke became the major concern. Generated by lightning current, the strong magnetic field around the downward conductor connecting the lightning rod to the grounding system caused the induced voltages of such a magnitude that it permanently damaged or caused malfunction of sensitive electronic equipment located nearby. The prevention of the direct lightning strokes into the premise is one of the ways to eliminate the damaging consequences of the secondary effect.


Thus the idea of preventing the lightning stroke based on point discharge phenomenon took place and research and development started at Lightning Eliminators & Consultant, Inc.

Today we have patented lightning protection products that meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association NFPA 780 and are Underwriters Laboratories Listed.


Let us discuss some LEC’s lightning protection products that functions as CTC

Dissipation Array System (DAS); is the name for our patented Charge Transfer Solution (CTS). The DAS is designed with a combination of different multipoint ionizers to function in the Prevention Mode. Point discharge becomes more efficient when the points are connected to a low-impedance grounding system, and more ions can be transferred with a greater number of points. DAS technology takes advantage of these principles with an optimal point configuration able to interrupt the formation of upward streamers, thereby preventing direct strikes.

Spline Ball Ionizer (SBI) is a modular lightning prevention component used to supplement Dissipation Array installations, and as the first line of defence for structures that require lightweight protection with a low wind profile. They are a multipoint ionizer that can be deployed along with DAS to function in the Prevention Mode or multiple units of SBIs can be deployed without DAS to function in the CTS Collection Mode. SBI's are normally mounted in groups on elevated structures.

Spline Ball Terminal (SBT); is a single multipoint ionizer in the Charge Transfer System (CTS) family. Because it is designed with a limited number of ionizing points on the unit, it falls into the collection of CTS operation.

Ion Plasma Generators (IPG); is a multipoint ionizer that functions only in the Collection Mode. Our patented IPG is a highly effective air terminal engineered for applications where lightning prevention is not practical, but that still require reliable protection from direct strikes.

The best defence against lightning damage is now simple, reliable and inexpensive lightning protection product brought to you by LEC. 

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