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Lightning Protection FAQ for Novice

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc., lightning protection system is a comprehensive coordinated approach to complete industrial protection caused by lightning and transient currents.

Let us provide you answers to your commonly asked questions.

Is lightning protection required?

Yes, it’s a necessity, a prerequisite for insurance. There are different types of lightning protection for different facility depending on the amount of protection required and geographical location of the facility among others.

Will lightning ever strike the same place twice?

Yes! Lightning can strike the same place over time. It can happen during a single thunderstorm or in a thousand years, however, it will eventually happen.

Why does electronic equipment get damaged during a lightning storm?

Today’s technology is extremely sensitive; microprocessors have zero tolerance to overvoltage. During a lightning strike, the massive electromagnetic field is generated by inducing potential surge into any cable it finds to ground itself.

Isn’t the purpose of lightning protection to prevent lightning from striking?

Nothing can prevent a lightning from striking. However, having said, our patented DAS technology is built to prevent a lightning from striking the protected area. In other words, the lightning does strike but not within the area of protection. On the other hand, lightning rods intercept a lightning strike, provide it with a low resistance path and safely ground it to earth.

Can electrician take care of a lightning protection system?

Lightning protection work should be performed by lightning protection specialist only. It’s a specialized trade requiring trained licensed technician with immense knowledge and expertise on multiple codes and specialized equipment. Remember an improperly installed lightning protection system is more dangerous than no lightning protection system at all. To ensure that a UPS is installed in accordance with national and international standards its imperative to hire an experienced lightning protection company.

Is surge protection necessary with a lightning protection system?

Surge protection is an integral part of any lightning protection system. Our patented technology, prevents a lightning from striking within a protected area but a surge protector enhances the protection level of sensitive electronics from overvoltage causing stray currents.

Do these lightning protection systems wear out?

They need to be maintained and repaired periodically. It’s highly recommended that our manufactured and installed LPS be visually inspected annually. And you need to maintain your equipment and ensure it is working properly at all times. We have customers that call to inspect their system after an incident has occurred, while there are others who do not examine the system and are shocked when a lightning strike hits them. It’s better to check and make proactive reviewing a regular practice than finding out the hard way.


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