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Lightning Protection Design Systems

Lightning is the natural electric discharge of static electricity in the atmosphere between clouds or between a cloud and the Earth.

Underwriters’ Laboratories Inc. states: “Each year, thousands of homes and other properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning… Lightning is responsible for more deaths and property loss than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods combined, but of these violent forces of nature, lightning is the only one we can economically afford to protect ourselves against.”

Frequent lightning events interrupt, degrade and destroy critical technology, life safety equipment and other essential systems in commercial settings. Full recovery can entail untold time lost and tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars expended. In worst cases, losses are irreplaceable. Professional lightning protection design system from Lightning Eliminators solves your lightning problems.

Traditional lightning protection design system principles consist in creating one or more preferred impact points for a lightning strike using low impedance, conductor elements. These then conduct and convey the lightning current into the ground. This coherent system enables the lightning to be captured and dissipated while providing protection to the structure. 

Our  patented and innovative Dissipation Array System is designed to delay streamers as compared to an air terminal. As a lightning downward leader is initiated and the electromagnetic field builds up, a static charge accumulation is experienced on the facility and on the lightning terminals installed on the facility. The lightning terminals react by generating upward streamers having the capability to intercept the downward leaders. DAS are manufactured using stainless steel ionization brushes that neutralize build-up of static charges and thus mitigate or delay streamer formation. These are the latest design in lightning dissipation technology. Science and experience show that DAS, and the structures on which they are installed, are less likely to experience a direct lightning strike than unprotected structures or structures with traditional lightning protection design system.

Look no further than our project to understand the trust placed in our professionals. Every project we facilitate is inspected and certified for quality and sustainability by trusted third-party validators.

Few commercial structures exist that are not driven in part, or significantly, by technology. Professional lightning protection design systems act as over watch, protecting the critical systems of the building and its tenants from disruption, or worse.



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