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Lightning Dissipated With LEC Lightning Protection Designs

Across industries, powerful lightning strikes can injure personnel, destroy assets, and disrupt processes through fire, explosion and electrical damages are clear. Even if the facility is not directly struck by lightning, secondary effects such as transient voltage can fry sensitive circuitry in the vicinity.

Given the random and destructive nature of lightning strikes, how can businesses protect their personnel, facilities, equipment, and processes? LEC has the answer – by not just channeling lightning, but by preventing the charge from accumulating in the first place.

Why attract lightning when you can eliminate it?

LEC offers a range of solutions for every industry. From checking the existing lightning protection system to manufacturing, installing and maintenance services. Our maintenance includes bringing into compliance any alteration to an industrial building and checking the existing lightning protection design. We also provide full site analysis and recommendations for the most appropriate lightning protection system.

Our basic components for creating the perfect lightning protection design are:

Risk management – our risk assessment team determines earth resistance, soil resistivity, etc to determine the level of lightning protection required and then customize one accordingly.

Design study – after the detailed and scientific evaluation of the site, project estimation and lightning protection design is provided by our experts.

Supply – our patented proprietaries comply with international standards and are manufactured with high-quality materials under strict supervision. These are fully tested and then supplied at the site to begin the installation.

Installation and commissioning – our knowledgeable and trained site service team install the system as per the approved lightning protection design specification. Further, we also provide on-site and off-site training and financial risk mitigation.

All this is possible because we take time to properly research the project and understand all applicable variables. Also, our lightning protection design and engineering are site-specific and cost-efficient, ensuring that the end result is a professional and code compliant system.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing, engineered systems to prevent and eliminate all lightning-related problems.

By taking a simple step of contacting us, your property will be much safer and confident to withstand any unpredictable, destructive force of nature via a lightning strike

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