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Lightning Rod Protection vs Charge Transfer Technology

A Lightning protection system is designed to protect a structure from damage due to a lightning strike. Lightning Eliminators and Consultant Inc, has been installing the best protection systems for every industry for over 40 years.

For over two centuries, lightning rod served as the primary means of protecting lives, electronic component and various other industrial assets. In this outdated lightning protection system, lighting rod is engineered to protect the structure in event of a lightning strike – the lighting will strike the rod and the conductor cables will carry the lightning current from the lightning rod to the ground through wires instead of passing through the structure. The heavy and long rods buried in the ground provide a safe path for lightning discharge.

Do you know with technology advancements in the lightning protection industry, lightning phenomena  can now be prevented?

LEC’s Charge Transfer System works by reducing the static charge, which builds upon the protected area without the use of a lightning rod. As the lightning downward leader is formed, it looks for opposite polarity to equalize itself. Our device interrupts the formation of these polarities thus eliminating the strike completely. The ionizer offers a medium for point discharge to occur, while the down conductors provide the electrical connection between the charge collector and ionizer. Interconnecting ground electrodes and conductors, the ‘charge collector’ collects and channels the electrical charge to the ionizer.

Traditionally, a lightning protection system includes lightning rods or air terminals, conductor cables, ground electrodes, utility bonding clamps and surge protection. Whereas our charge transfer system consists of one or more ionizers, down conductors, charge collectors.

LEC has a range of patented technologies that are designed to avoid a lightning strike from occurring as opposed to a lightning rod which attracts and then grounds the strike to earth.

The confidence in our products has prompted us to extend a full ‘no strike’ warranty to each and every client. We aim to deliver a wide range of patented products, services, experience, commitment and specialist support whilst maintaining the best possible standards of workmanship and safety.


Having the vision to combine manufacturing, design and engineering expertise has ensured that our clients have the exact installation that gives them the ultimate efficiency of the lightning protection system

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