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A Systematic Approach towards Lightning Protection

Due to the changing weather phenomenon, the number of lightning strikes has significantly increased.  All too often when lightning strikes an industrial plant, equipment is damaged and operations curtailed; there is an initial rush to get the plant operational again – A reasonable response. Once the plant is operational, the question of how to protect the plant against the next lightning strike comes.

With our 4 decades of experience we know that inevitably an ad hoc approach is taken. This results in installing a lightning protection system that does nothing new to protect the equipment that was originally damaged.

The best way forward is a systematic approach – applying to national and international standards, carrying out risk assessment and then acting upon its results to find a cost effective yet successful solutions.


  1. Risk Assessment

This study considers the following criteria to decide the probability of a lightning strike on that building and its consequent effects:

  • Use of structure (factory, school, hospital, etc)
  • Type of construction
  • Material / process vulnerable to fire
  • Degree of isolation of the building from nearby structures
  • Location of building – this decides the lightning strike density (number of thunderstorms/km3/year)
  1. Acting upon results

Lightning protection is required almost everywhere! Virtually all populated regions have varying incidences of lightning strikes. There is meaningful risk worldwide, also it minimize exposure to serious risk such as:

  • A fire outbreak
  • Fried electrical wiring
  • Damage to electronics and electrical items
  • Injured employees
  • Liability claims
  • Risky working environment

A Lightning protection system helps in preventing property damage from the effects of a lightning strike. It provides a means for controlling and preventing damages by providing a low resistance path for the discharge of lightning energy.

We, Lightning Eliminators, are a professional company that engineers, produces and distributes technology which provides reliable lightning protection solutions. We have successfully completed many projects using our patented products, in various industries, such as:

  • Towers and remote radio architectures in support of  of 4G and 5G networks, microwaves and others.
  • Electric supply lines wherein our patented LPS are deployed along multiple points to mitigate the risk of equipment damage due to lightning.

We have 14 US patents and have been successfully delivering lightning protection system product, design, installation and maintenance in the US and over 90 countries.

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